blockspot 2018 Nov 9-13
Lisbon, Portugal

The must-attend Blockchain event in Portugal

From November 9 to 13, join Blockspot Conference Europe in Lisbon to stay ahead in this game changing technology.

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Blockspot Conference Europe 2018

The must-attend Blockchain event in Portugal

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in a wide range of industries.

Bitcoin, its main representative, is disrupting the world’s monetary system. Smart contracts, ICOs, cryptocurrencies and decentralized Web are all transforming our society as deep as Internet did, creating entire new fields of study, like Cryptoeconomics. Blockspot Conference is a meeting point for people that are handling those transformations.

From Nov 9-11, networking activities. Nov 12-13, conference.

Nov 9 Happy Hour Network event
Nov 10 Portuguese dinner Network event
Nov 11 Traditional music with wine Network event
Nov 12 Conference day #1
Nov 13 Conference day #2

Why must attend?

Keep in touch with top minds.

More than 40 worldwide speakers will be present.

Build qualified relationships.

3 exclusive days for networking (Nov 9-11).

Learn new things. A lot of them.

Deep topics in 7 different tracks.

Getting know about the fresh news.

Solutions show cases, pitches and more.

What you will see

Some featured speeches of this edition

Nov 13, 09:10

How blockchain can disrupt social impact

Marco Barbosa
Nov 13, 11:00

The protection of individual rights in distributed ledger technologies

Martinho Lucas Pires
Nov 13, 14:00

Integrated, Interoperable Decentralized Apps

Nithin George Eapen
Nov 12, 09:10

Take Control over Your Data

Graham de Barra
Nov 12, 11:00

Blockchain: challenge for micro-economy end goals

Fred Antunes
Nov 12, 15:00

Healthcare on blockchain

Amit Joshi
Complete schedule is available! Check it out.


  1. Luís Rolo Martins

    Head of Enterprise Architecture of SIBS Forward Payment Solutions
  2. Hugo Pinto

    Co-Founder of Obvious Capital
  3. John Woods

    Senior Architect of ConsenSys
  4. Irene Yu

    Head of Marketing of Blockescence
  5. Sandris Murins

    Co-founder & Strategic Director of Index Protocol
  6. Nithin George Eapen

    CEO of Chance River
  7. Ana Nunes Teixeira

    Associate Lawyer of PLMJ Lawyers
  8. Sergio Pereira

    Founder & CTO of TechHQ
  9. Pedro Fortuna

    CTO of Jscrambler
  10. Sanja Kon

    VP Global Partnerships of UTRUST
  11. Miguel Mendonça

    Senior Consultant of EY
  12. Justin Wu

    CMO and Co-Founder of BetProtocol
  13. Rui Pedro Teixeira

    CEO and Co-Founder of BetProtocol
  14. Dr. Rafael del Castillo Ionov

    Director of Law Trust Switzerland AG
  15. Luís Ferreira da Silva

    Director of Cloud and Enterprise of Microsoft Portugal
  16. Pedro Febrero

    Founder of Bityond
  17. Pedro Soares

    Solution Architect of Oracle
  18. Amit Joshi

    CEO of HashPrix
  19. Marco Barbosa

    Co-founder and CEO of eSolidar and impactMarket
  20. Andrian Galkin

    CEO of
  21. Celso Martinho

    CEO and Founder of Bright Pixel
  22. Paulo Rodrigues Silva

    Business Sales and Delivery Executive of IBM Global Business Services
  23. Martinho Lucas Pires

    Lawyer and PhD Candidate of Nova Law School
  24. Mário Ribeiro Alves

  25. Fred Antunes

    President of the Portuguese Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Association
  26. Gustavo Cunha

    Partner of Finlab
  27. Paulo Rodrigues

    Blockchain Community Expert of Portugal Fintech
  28. João Vieira dos Santos

    Legal Advisor of CMVM
  29. Graham de Barra

    CEO of Festy


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