blockspot 2018 Nov 9-13
Lisbon, Portugal


7 main tracks

This year, Blockspot Conference will feature 7 main subjects in the light of Blockchain. The complete schedule will be released close to event date, but take a look at what you can expect in the conference (Nov 12-13).

Game Industry

Virtual goods, non-fungible tokens, the truly community-driven economy, micro-payments, new business models, cross-game digital assets


New paradigms to accounting and diligence, security multi-part applications, use cases, logistics, governance


dApps, Solidity, security, smart contract coding, Stellar, Ethereum, NEO, Atomic Swap, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain as a service

Legal and Society

GDPR, ICO regulation, legal aspects of smart contracts, Legaltechs, government services, cases

Banking and Investment

Cross-border payments, cryptocurrencies, financial instruments, OTC, trading, tokenization of assets


Interoperability, Health Insurance, patient data management, supply chain

AI and IoT

IOTA, micro-payments, economy of things

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