blockspot 2018 Nov 9-13
Lisbon, Portugal


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Nov 12, 09:00

Welcome speech

Nov 12, 09:10 ‧ Featured, AI and IoT

Take Control over Your Data

Graham de Barra
Nov 12, 09:40

Coffee break

Nov 12, 10:00 ‧ Corporate

Painel: Digital Transformation

Paulo Rodrigues Silva
Pedro Soares
Paulo Rodrigues
Luís Ferreira da Silva
John Woods
Miguel Mendonça
Nov 12, 11:00 ‧ Featured, Corporate

Blockchain: challenge for micro-economy end goals

Fred Antunes
Nov 12, 11:30 ‧ Banking and Investment

ICOs: A New Way of Funding

Mário Ribeiro Alves
Nov 12, 12:00 ‧ Corporate

Why Decentralization Matters?

Pedro Febrero
Nov 12, 12:30


Nov 12, 14:00 ‧ Legal and Society

How Blockchain changes e-commerce

Andrian Galkin
Nov 12, 14:30 ‧ Corporate

Blockchain: fate or fade

Celso Martinho
Nov 12, 15:00 ‧ Featured, Healthcare

Healthcare on blockchain

Amit Joshi
Nov 12, 15:30

Future of Payments with Cryptocurrencies

Sanja Kon
Nov 12, 16:00

Coffee break

Nov 12, 16:30 ‧ Legal and Society

Painel: Legalize Blockchain

João Vieira dos Santos
Dr. Rafael del Castillo Ionov
Ana Nunes Teixeira
Martinho Lucas Pires
Nov 12, 17:30 ‧ Featured, Banking and Investment

Security Tokens, ICOs and the new economy that Blockchain will generate

Gustavo Cunha
Tuesday, November 13 ›